Day: 4 September 2021

Why Hurricane Ida crippled the New Orleans power grid

A very detailed and interesting investigation into the New Orleans power grid. It is likely that many cities will be in similar positions when storms like Ida hit….

Boomers vs Millennials: The (usual) fake generational ‘war’

Divide and conquer has been around for many (many) generations. Of course ‘generations’ are different, but now more than ever they need to work together. Photo: There are…

Watch: Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Belfast’ Trailer

Judi Dench, Ciarán Hinds, Caitríona Balfe, and Jamie Dornan star in Kenneth Branagh’s B&W coming-of-age tale set amid the tumult of late-1960s Northern Ireland. Photo: Focus Features 03…

Putting Labor Back in Labor Day

Now more than ever, labor is tech and union drives at Amazon and grassroots movements like #appletoo are fighting for worker rights. Photo: Some union workers at an…

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