Day: 9 April 2021

Who is Royal, Downton Abbey historian Alastair Bruce?

If you watch any coverage of the passing of Prince Philip you will hear Mr Bruce. Originally published by Hawkins Bay Dispatch. 14 Jan 2018 | Lauren Windle| The…

Obituary: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, (99)

09 April 2021 | Caroline Davies | The Guardian The Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen’s “strength and stay” for 73 years, has died aged 99. Flags on landmark…

Watch: Belfast, Northern Ireland (08 April 2021)

09 April 2021 | James Porteous | Clipper Media Northern Ireland: Emergency talks take place after ‘worst rioting in recent years’ Emergency talks have been taking place in…

Photos: 09 April 2021 (Genova, Italy)

Photos by James Porteous /

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